day 3.

i thought i would show you more vacation because i know you are dying to see what else went on.
thought so!!

so here is day 3.
they trekked down to niagara falls to ride the maid of the mist.
they were a little sneaky though.
the canadian side boat launch was packed - multiple boat waits.
not much fun with kids that range from 5 to 12. so...
they walked across the bridge to the american side and waltzed right onto the waiting boat!
they are some pretty smart thinkers.

i was also told coop was a little resistant but after a promise of some lego {really??} he was game - and he loved it of course! he is so reluctant to try new things. tony said it best when he compared the kids, "coop likes to try new things like aydan likes to try new foods. it's a battle."
{by the way - yes i said my husbands name. he's tony and i have decided to draw back the curtain and reveal him to you all!}

here is their niagara adventure:
{i was home painting the trim in the tv room while this was going on - my own happy adventure.}

after they found the coke & hersey's cafe {i think that's what it was...} and topped of the day with coke floats. {aydan got a milkshake of course because "i don't like those..."}

and then - as it happened most days - the day was ended with a dip in brian and marsha's pool before back to mike's for bedtime.

plan for day four.....head up to the beach!!

more to come!
cause i KNOW you want to see their adventure.


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