to the beach.

day four they went up to the beach.
or over to the beach.
they went west?....east?...a little to the north?
oh i don't know!! i just know it's 3 and a half hours away from burlington and it cris crosses through the cutest little towns.
it's a lovely drive filled with lots of "are we there yet?" 's - from the kids AND adults.
you just can't wait to get there....and you are soon going to see why.

doesn't that place look like heaven?
that's because it is.
tony and the kids drove up on tuesday, then mike + the boys drove up thursday morning to spend the next two days with them. because the season is slow and it was mid-week tony was able to rent a cottage for $350 for 4 nights. !! that's cheaper than a motel - plus there was a kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, back deck and yard. and you know what that means...groceries and no meals out!! that's what i like to hear. cha-ching.
they were also only 5 minutes from the beach. i hope he kept the number for next summer!!
i had been hoping to really explore the eastcoast since we have only lived here for 2 years and i have explored the westcoast - i don't want the east to feel left out.
the problem?....i want to spend all my time off at that beach! i now understand going to the same place every year - you miss it. that's why we all need more vacation time every year. so we can see the world plus enjoy our favorite spots.
that's what i have decided and it is to be done. ha!

i hope we get go to there next year.
i think we will.

but.....i do want to see p.e.i. and maine.....


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