the grand finale.

so here it is.
the rest. the end.
and yes i have the number of that place in my hot little hands and i found out one more tidbit of information...that price was for the whole week!!! we are definitely going there next summer!
i am already psyched about it.
i know, i know.....there are plenty more places in this world to see and we should spread our wings......but it's just so wonderful!! so relaxing. so perfectly perfect.

i'm really bummed i missed out this summer.

they went on a boat trip!!!
an hour around the harbour.
i love boats.
i have decided we NEED to get one. i really was never gung-ho about a boat till i realized that i want one. that i need to be on the water. near the water. but not in the water.
now i am going to quietly lobby for one over the next couple of years....shhhh.....

back to the beach. this year i got them boogie boards for the vaca and they were well used i hear. there is some amazing video of aydan "surfing" on one that will be broadcasted soon...you didn't think we weren't going to cut a vacation movie, did you?
this photo here is being whisked away to a photo place and being blown up asap...it's my favorite.

this is one of my favorites as well.

on this perticular day they ended up staying at the beach till 8pm! and they had gotten there around 10 that morning. no dinner break. no nap break.
a full day of playing in the surf, sand and sun. i'm jealous.

group shot.
best group.
favorite group.
see you next summer boys!

the saturday night when they arrived back into burlington they had a big party to attend.
the kids - ours and mike's - sold glow bracelets and  press-on-tattoos and raised $150 towards the pot. all the proceeds from the party were donated to cancer research. children's cancer research.
i couldn't think of a better way to spend a saturday night.
i am so glad they got to be a part of it and realize that they were helping.

they look pretty spiffy too!!!

that's it for the vacation!
next up will be the video once tony finishes cutting it.
i LOVE that he does that. so special.
i think i might also make a week in the life album with all this. when i have time.
which is never.
but i can dream right?
put it on my never ending to-do list.

do you have vacation footage? do you do anything special with it?
are you planning a vacation this summer?

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Lisa said...

Jen, these photos are so beautiful and your kids look like they're having the time of their lives! I need to get on a boat more often (after all we are surrounded by lakes here!). I'd love to learn how to kayak, then buy one and paddle around Madison. Like you, I love being close to water, though, given the algee situation in our lakes, prefer to be outside of it. Keeping my fingers crossed for the boat :)