as time flies by.

today marks 7 years married.
to one another.
till death do us part.
it has flown by.
today marks 7 years happy.
well it actually marks one month shy of 9 years together but no one seems to say "9 years together, 7 years married." or "2 years dating and 7 years married."
those dating years seem to just...disapear.
off into the wind. almost like they didn't count.
but those years are huge!
those are the foundation years.
they are the "i am going to do and say anything to impress this fella so he falls for me so we have an amazing life together and only when that ring slips on my finger and he says i do will i reveal the true me: the non-make-up-wearing-to-bed-so-i-wake-up-looking-made-up-non-major-league-hockey/major-league-baseball-super-fan-i-have-always-projected-myself-to-be" years.
those are some important years.

but i have to admit that two kids and seven years later - these have been my favorite as well.

so no matter how you want to say it, today marks 702 days dating and 2,555 days married.
and i wouldn't change a day of it.
{well...maybe one or two...}

love ya honey!! xoxo


Tony said...

Love you too!

BT said...

That looks like a good pooch!