still recovering.

it's august right?
yep. checked. it's still august.
around these parts the sun is still shining. it's like, middle east style hot here right now.
kids are still not in school yet.
last week we hit the water slides. best time!
last week we hit the tramp with water.
last week we had soccer round up. that was fun.
games. medals. hot dogs. bouncy castles.
plus tony got to play on cooper's team.
coop loved that.

but before soccer round up on saturday, in the wee dark hours of the morning.....

we attended our first hockey practice.
so we had to be at the rink by 6:30am.
my. goodness.

but we made it.
she skated.
she was great.
and she loved it.
yes. you saw right.
i wrote she.
and she is going to be wonderful!

aydan has another practice this thursday @5, again saturday afternoon and one more, 6:30am on sunday!!!
hopefully after all this, she will have her sea legs and skate just as hard as some of those boys.
maybe even harder.
coffee will become a new companion of mine plus training myself to go to sleep earlier might be beneficial. but it's all worth it when you see them out there on the ice and get to sit and watch and breath in that rink air.
love that rink air.

we deal with him next week.
it will not go as well - i promise you that.

ps...i am still tired.....

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