grade two.

here we go.
today is the day.
today is the day my big girl goes to grade two.

where has it all gone?
she has gotten so big right in front of us and i feel like i have missed it.
it's going by way too fast.
i know everyone says that, and of course i never wanted to say that myself, but it's so true!! 
that made me kind of sad this morning.
that made me kind of cry on my way home from the bus stop.
but it has also made me think back to the last seven years i have had with this amazing little person.
and that made me grin the biggest grin ever.
her spirit.
her light.
her enthusiasim for life and it's adventures.
it's absolutely naturally beautiful and extremely contagious.
someone once said, upon watching her open her birthday presents and reacting so excited for each and every one - no matter how small or simple, that she was the best person to give a present to.
i loved hearing that.
she appreciates everything and everyone.
no matter what.
that's what i love about her.
her heart.

i hope you have a great year sweetheart!!

next week the little man goes to kindergarten....i am going to be a mess then.

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