our week at the lake {or the week my mom turned sixty.}

a few weeks ago some of you know that we went out of town.
truth: we did. we rented a cabin on a little lake in gloversville, ny.
it was awesome.
i went with my kids, my mom and sister, jordan.
my other sister, jessie and my soon-to-be brother-in-law, jason, met us there as well. {the following weekend they became husband and wife but that's another story for another day.}
the place was right on the lake.
it was perfect.
we swam, kayaked, paddleboated, ate good food, had many laughs, rang in sixty in style, did some road trips, went for amazing and memorable dinners, and made many many lifelong memories.

here's a glimpse:
always have to hit target when we go to the states! and we actually scored at this one!
new favorite states restaurant!!
back at the cottage for swimming and boating!
look at my girl go...her first time out in one by herself!
with their auntie.
three sisters together. {thanks aydan for the photo.}
merida..is that you?
mom's sixtieth birthday breakfast!
a day to relax and reflect....
this is duckie...no wait it's quack-quack...oh no it's duck-duck...well whatever your name ended up being thanks for hanging around with us all week. it was amazing - she really did hang around and she followed us around the lake when we boated!
now it's time we get this party started!!! of course there has to be bunting - every party needs bunting!
birthday girl!!
we danced and dj'd till about 3 am. fun fun time.

well that was days 1 to 3...you really didn't think i was going to share the whole trip in one post, did you?



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