part 2 - scenes from the lake.

when we left off we were parting.
and man did we party.
i finally dragged my sorry butt to bed at about 3 am  - i was so exhausted from all the dancing. i was almost away earlier then the best of the 90's were broken out and how could i leave? we rocked to it all and then some and by that time i was beat.
and too - i was the only one there with kids and had to get up in the morning!!

as planned the next day was to hang around the lake and soak it all in.
as in - go no where.
we played games, swam, boated and the kids found their new love - charades.
it was also the night that aydan and cooper gave their grandma her birthday present.

view of the place we rented.
cooper got in this intertube for all of 1 minute. he was so excited to do it then was so nervous once in it but i had to take a picture just to prove to him it's not that bad!

so if tuesday was for hanging out....wedensday was for exploring!
we decided to drive an hour west and go to cooperstown, ny and to the baseball hall of fame.

what a gem this town is.
basically in the middle of no where but it was filled with so much charm and history i never wanted to leave.
situated right on ostego lake it's an amazing vacation place and i wished we could have stayed longer.
now i may not know a lot about major league basebal {very little in fact} but there is one thing i do know - i love the sport of baseball. love watching it {maybe not so much on tv..}. love playing it. love it.

growing up my ears were the daily recipient of yogi berra quotes - it took me a while to figure out who in the world that was - pertaining to all life's lessons to the point that i was wondering if this fellow had indeed written a book of quotes. why did this guy have so many quotes?!
at the hall of fame i made it  point to find this guy and photograph one of his quotes - that to me was pretty special. {still to this day i get slammed with these quotes - the other day in fact! ha!}

also i was excited to see the woman in baseball section that was showed off in the movie league of their own - yeah that was a set. which of course i knew was a set but thought that it was just made over with their pictures. it wasn't - it was an AMAZING display {in the movie} and i wish this had been the same - one security guard told me that this had actually been re-done and was much larger now. the real version is very very very very small. a little dispointing actually.

so after we finished up there we headed out to the main drag and bought all the required paraphernalia - t-shirts, baseballs, pennants - and headed for some food.

as lovers of the food network and the show diners, drive-ins and dives {who isn't??} we looked up cooperstown and were excited to find that they had been there too and they had found dimaggio's.
so of course we went there!
my goodness it was good. and cheap!

i am a little picky in my food combinations - as in what can go where, what touches what first, what shouldn't be involved at all {tony calls me sally from the movie when harry met sally.} - so needless to say i was a little..scared isn't the word - apprehensive maybe?....of the combinations. lots of hot dogs covered in all sorts of delicious sounding things. there was also eggplant parmesan with a rice ball. philly cheese steak. pulled pork sandwiches. all sorts of good stuff.
my sisters and i decided to go for the loaded hot dogs and my one sister was going to side her's with the chili cheese fries which made me stop in my tracks and ask "really?" because i could have never imagined eating that sort of thing. i live in quebec and i have never even had poutine! i ordered my dog with chili on it and the counter girl suggested i out cheese on it as well, "no thank you" i said politely as canned cheese is not my favorite.
her fries were. so. good. dammit.
i couldn't stop eating them.
and i wished i had put cheese on my dog. i can't believe i just said that.

anyways if you are ever there cheering on your little leaguer at dream park across the street go over to dimaggio's {named for the one and only!} and sit outside {best atmosphere there} and have a dog. cheap and good. so good.
ps - we did not fall in love with italian ices which seem to be all the rage in new york!

i hope one day to go back with my little leaguer.

so to finish the night off we tracked down the official welcome sign of the city because who can take a cooper to cooperstown and not get a photo?

anybody know of an aydanville?

that's all for today!!

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