yesterday you rocked it.

yesterday you took your first steps towards kindergarten.

yesterday was hard for me.

yesterday you were confident and excited - not the little bit intimidated.

yesterday you were 10 minutes early to wait for the bus.

yesterday you rode the bus like a rock star.

yesterday you met your new teacher, miss tara, yelled "bye dad" then took off to the playground without a care in the world.

yesterday you acted like it was no big deal.

yesterday you had no real stories of the day - it's like it was just another day in the many that make up your story.

yesterday you grew up.

yesterday you were brave.

yesterday you rocked it.


Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

We lived very similar days it seems! Our babies are both in Kindergarten! :0

Sandra said...

What a doppelgänger for his dad! Sweet how excited they are to start school.