perfecting...no, practicing the art of doing.

do you have photo's like this?
do you do this?
i did this about two months before i was actually able to paint the room and then i got only half the room done {we picked the second from the right.}. after a while it became like art in the room and then almost had people drawn into the "windows" as they were riding "the bus". that's when i knew that i had to do it and thankfully was granted a rainy day that very weekend. next rainy day the rest will get done too - i pledge that here.

this has become a problem.
i have so much i want to do around here but right now have next to no time or my biggest problem: i think an hour is sooo much longer than it actually is.
so because of this you see plenty of "projects" going on all over the house. especially in places were i always am but get torn away from constantly for getting drinks {what is it with kids and drinks these days??}, helping in the bathroom, breaking up fights, doing homework, washing dishes, making dinner, making lunch, making breakfast, doing the laundry....need i go on?
these projects are driving my husband nuts because there is stuff all over and it's driving me nuts because i never get left alone long enough to finish anything.

this is why i have decided i am a practicer at doing. and i would like to work my way up to a perfector. get my diploma in finishing. be proud of what i can do and finish.

this also coordinates itself with my one little word of the year - focus. i have always had a problem with this for as long as i can remember. it's not that i can't focus: it's just i am constantly being interrupted and never get to get back to MY task at hand; therefore losing my focus and going on to the next thing. this thing that is more convenient. the thing that requires more immediate attention. or the thing i forgot about and that i have to get completed asap. or not focusing at all on what i have to do because it's not what i want to do!!

i need to focus.
i have to focus. use my time wisely.
i will focus. one project at a time.
and at the end of it all this house will look fabulous and we will too.

i should have taken my vacation when the kids went to school.....then i would have quality finishing time. big time.

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