part 3: to wrap it all up.

so...since we are going to be embracing fall later this week {i'm still in denial - although this cold is bringing me back to reality} i figured i better wrap up my vacation photo's because i know you have all been wondering the same thing:

with road trips of course!
on thursday we all jumped in the cars and headed an hour east to ride the rides and slide the slides at the six flags great escape amusement park in lake george.
i LOVE amusement parks. so does everyone else in our crew {well maybe not jason so much...} but i don't think quite as much as me. i could have gone all night but they were happy when the park closed at 7pm. {i know right - 7??!! the best part of the day is riding the coaster in the dark and being surrounded by the thousands of little coloured bulbs! i felt totally jipped.}

anyways, we hit the park and had a blast.....i am going to apologize now for all the photo's - i just want you to get the WHOLE experience!

this was before we did a loop-de-loop roller coaster! so proud of aydan for doing it!!
and yes she was still smiling after - bigger in fact!
 for the life of me i couldn't figure out to have a waterslides & rides park combo...but it worked!
the waterslide area closed an hour earlier than the rides side and i knew that i wanted to hit the river rafting ride at the very end. my only regret? not having a waterproof camera!! oh my goodness! the screams. the laughter. we got soaked! this was taken in alice in wonderland's walk through afterwards.
when we rolled into the parking lot aydan spied this ride and was asking for the whole day to go. we saved it for last. she tried to chicken out but her auntie kept her on and i think aydan is thankful for that.
our little thrill seeker absolutely loved it!
dinner out afterwards at circus cafe...my sister and her fiancee just told us of their plans to get married this fall amongst their friends up north. in actuality they went to new york city the next day, met up with their friends at the waldorf astoria and eloped! the sneaks! congrats you two!!
 doing absinth shots..yuck!
 the complimentary candy floss in honour of their upcoming wedding!
i'd like to introduce you to my sisters. i am the oldest and to the left is my younger sister jessie and one more over is our youngest sister jordan. yeah it's okay to think it - i wouldn't think we were sisters either!! ha!
here we are laughing because we determined earlier in the week that yes i am in fact half a inch taller than jessie - and proud of it! -  and she had the nerve to try to be taller than me in this picture! in the first shot we kept trying to stand straighter and straighter to win the "i'm taller" race. to out do the other. clearly i won. {and yes i made the aprons...they were the take home gift.} 
also for my mom's 60th birthday present i made her a book filled with cards, notes and letters from friends and family. {i will go more in detail about this later...} i would like to thank everyone who sent something in for the book - she loved it and it really touched her heart. and would like to encourage the rest of you who haven't sent me something to do so - it's not to late!!! ;)
after we said our goodbyes to jessie and jason we decided to head out to explore the village of lake george.
i can't wait for a long weekend where we can head down and explore it next with tony. totally his kind of place.
 this was our first mini putt experience and i can promise you it's not the last!!! the kids loved it!
 we caught a rainbow then indulged in a lobster dinner!! {it was only $14.95 so we went for it.}
then we hit up the arcade!!!!
 we became skee ball champions!
that was it for our day!!! awesome day. can't wait to go back!

the next day as we packed up this was the scene....they had gone for one last dip in the lake and were having a snack....
this picture just screams vacation!!!
{because it's the only place where they could get away with this!! ha!}

that's all folks!

parts one and two can be found here and here.

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