the artist formerly known as the privacy tree.

we have quite a unique yard/house set up.
10 years ago the house that sat on this property burnt down.
now i have no idea where the house sat before but when the previous owners rebuilt they built the house directly in the center on the lot.
so there is yard on all four sides of the house - and pretty equal yards {the house is also on an angle...something to do with feng shui...i really don't know...}
therefore to get the maximum use out of all our property we use all four sides.
but we also have neighbours on both side and back {we can really see the back people - problem hopefully to be solved next summer...will it ever end?? yep, then we will sell! ha!}.
now we can't see our side neighbours but they have both decided that the best for their layouts is to put there pools {another problem for us to be corrected next summer....} right up close to either of our sides - even though they have lots of other options on the other sides of their houses...don't get me started on that.
so the long story short - we can hear them but we can't see them. {and we can smell their afternoon maryjane.}

well that's not the case anymore.
on the one side where we have our firepit, where we have our rink, where we entertain....our beautiful big privacy tree that shelters us from the world at large fell down.


and now we can see them, hear them better and also the busy road behind them.

major bummer.

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Anonymous said...

So sad!