beam me up scotty: the christmas edition.

so christmas comes but once a year.....
and with that comes seeing santa, getting a tree, villages to visit, lights to see, parties to attend and, of course, christmas concerts to perform in and observe.
and when the stars align just so all these activities are taken care of in careful succession and all is good.
last wednesday the stars and planets did not align and i wished we were in the future so i could be in two places at once, full undivided attention concentrating on the stage and performer before me.
yep - no such luck.

i was supposed to be in two places...AT THE SAME TIME!

Aydan had her irish dance concert and cooper had his christmas concert on the same night.

so this is how it went....thankfully aydan's performance started at 6:15 and cooper's didn't start until 7pm. but this meant i was going to miss aydan's second dance - and it also meant that tony didn't get to see it at all, he had to get coop to the school by 6:30. bummer. thankfully though she was in the second group to perform. so....

we saw her first.....

then my mom and me jumped into her car and made it to the school in record time {we beat one mom who was in the same boat as us!} then we sat and got to watch coop perform in all his glory! he was so cute - his first time in something like this.

there was a catch though...he never left the stage!! they were not doing it like last year - parade on class after class....they were going to perform the whole time! by now aydan's performance had ended and even though there were treats and coffee afterwards i had to get back there. so....we had to leave coop's early and jump back in the car and race back to irish dancing where we found her hopped up on sweets and goofing around. perfect.

no it didn't all turn out how I would have wanted but they were both excellent and now all commitments are done.
now we can just enjoy the rest of the season with no pressure at all...at least not until the 24th that is.

oh boy......

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