creating that handmade holiday.

this year i have decided to switch things up. and thanks to the sales last year after christmas i can.
i have the luxury {thanks to 75%off sales!} to switch up my colour sceme for the main room. but i also wanted to do something more. i have decided that handmade has been the way to go.

first thing i did was plant some bulbs for home decor. and on tuesday, when i had that glorious day to catch up, i added some sparkle to them.

and look! a flower is peeking through!

another thing i wanted to do was put a small tree in the tv room to add some christmas in there and for this i handmade a felt ball garland - i wanted the tree to have a candy-style whimsy to it. i saw something like this on my blog crush, whatever, and thanks to a discount code she circulated i was able to get some balls and make one myself!

here's how: thread some bakers twine through a needle {takes mucho mucho patience!} and poke the needle through the middle of the balls et voila! thread the ball on to the twine, repeat and then space then out to your design style. beautiful and rad. and i think they add just the right touch!

i am excited to see what is going to come through the doors from school in the next couple of days to decorate with and we still have a few more tricks up our sleeve to do around here together.
hopefully we can pull off just the right balance between homemade and store bought.

do you have a favorite handmade holiday decoration?

i think it's looking pretty christmasy up there...don't you?



Also today we are over on Living on Love and talking about our December Daily's of Christmases past and keeping our tradition of advent and documentation alive!! Come over and join us!


Natalia said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but welcome to QC :o) My husband and I are from BC too and we miss it ever so much. But Quebec is fun! We love Montreal, and maybe one day we'll go back to BC, but for now we're happy.
I know just what you mean about what you said about feeling like an impostor!

Jen said...

thanks for the welcome natalia!! we are loving it out here but do find it hard some days. thankfully we have a house and school to keep us grounded within the community! thanks for stopping by!