some days.

so yesterday i had a whole plan to write a post and ask a question of you.
if it would be okay for me to whine....just a little.

i was at the end of it all. i had had it. half my christmas decorations were still in the boxes. i was burning both ends of the candle. there was no reprieve in sight. even though i am SO BEHIND in many areas of "things", i think it was the christmas decorations not being up that was bugging me the most and the fact that i haven't started to put my 2012 december daily together. i wait all year for the christmas season - I LOVE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON - so much in fact that we listen to christmas carols all year round. but this year it was getting away from me and i was starting to freak out. there are only so many hours in the day and i was using most of them up and no getting any farther -mainly because i was spending most of my time cleaning and picking up the house {how does it all get so messy in the blink of an eye? i can't keep up!}, doing dishes, disciplining and baking cupcakes. it didn't help that for the past 5 days i've felt like i was on the brink of falling down sick. i was going to call out a hail mary and beg for help. i need to be able to start from square one - if only i could find it under all the laundry, toy clutter, dishes and dinners.

the something amazing happened.....the sun came out and i had an easy day. i was able to sort of catch up. all the decorations got put up. some rooms go cleaned. laundry was put away. we got outside and enjoyed the beautiful crisp winter day. i felt like i was walking through whistler, strolling is more the word, and enjoyed every moment of it - i sure do miss that place. gone was the constant chaos of usual days and i spent the day finishing up some holiday shopping with a little person who was better than gold and it fueled my fires of calm and serenity. i got to pick up my kids from school and thoroughly enjoy their company. i got one of my projects for the season done. check.

and now i feel refreshed and energized for today and the rest of the holiday season. i am ready to enjoy it.

and enjoy it i will.



Anonymous said...

It's so nice to read a GOOD day post. It put a smile on my face.

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Yay! We had a sunny day here too, and you know how rare those are! ;)

Jen said...

it was such a good day and it looks like we are fixing to have another today!! merry christmas to me - how did santa know what i wanted already??