this year i decided to take christmas holidays.
best decision ever.
we have surely had a time.
we wrote letters to santa. we went and SAW santa. we slowed down. we finished our shopping. we enjoyed each others company. it really was the best.

so happy with christmas this year. everyone was calm. everyone was happy. we spend it with my mom which was nice. she was here for christmas eve and morning.

we then went for our traditional christmas day outing - this year it was down to the lake to see if it was frozen enouh to walk on. IT WAS!!! So much fun.
there were a few spots that looked a little dicey but we followed others tracks and were just fine. phew. it was a great walk and i was so happy that we hauled ourselves outside.

we once again had christmas dinner on boxing day and it felt so right. no rush. no fuss. casual and easy.

this holiday we just hung out - spent time as us. since tony has been working on his game so long and hard it really has been a while since we did that. it has been wonderful. it would have been more wonderful if i had gotten things together to whisk us all away to some beach somewhere but maybe next year.....definitely next year!

also during all this tony has been hard at work at his masterpiece in the back/side yard - the rink! and yesterday it was open for business!! so awesome. we have already {well tony and the kids} have already had two skates on it!

for now i am going to sit like coop up there and think about what is to come for the next two days of life together...well we are together always - just two days left of real vacation. are we going to go skiing on new years eve? are we just going to hang out? catch up on things? bang pots and pans? eat a fancy dinner?
not sure but i am so happy that we are ringing in the new year together!

happy 2013 to you and yours!!!


i have picked my word for 2013...have you??


Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

Happy New Year! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!! :)

Living on Love said...

Love this! Happy New Year!!!