on the last official day of holidays and the first day of this new year we decided to go in search of snow.
it's wasn't too hard.
on the 27th of december the snow started falling and then it fell and fell all day long till it stopped. it was then reported that we got the same amount of snow in that one day that we got ALL LAST WINTER! are you serious??!
so this week we have been indulging in it - although we failed to take the kids skiing for the first time! major bummer.
but yesterday the sun was shining, the temperature wasn't TOO cold and we ventured out to our neighbourhood park for fun in the sun and snow!
major success.
they all took turns learning new things till i stepped in to show them all how it's done. ha!
one of the best days so far. after we had come home and drank our mandatory hot chocolate, had baths to warm our toes and were all cozy by the fire, we were asked if we could go sledding again.
that. very. moment.
they had had that much fun.
now that warmed my heart.

happy new years everyone!
if yesterday was any indication i think this is going to be a wicked cool year.
i can feel it in my bones.
{my very cold bones! it's -17 today! yikes!!}

happy 2013!

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