Delta to the rescue again! {a sort-of bathroom reveal.}

we are not construction knock the wall down type of folks.
we know that and we are okay with that.
we are pretty handy with a bucket of paint {i'm the official hole filler and sander - got that position when we re-modeled the bakery!}, a wrench and wallet for decorating.
we can install things where they is already a planned space for it.
that we can handle.

we also watch a lot of house hunters on tv and from that have come to terms with our limitations. i cringe every time i see a husband say he is looking for a house with a project. i can't remember EVER hearing that out of tony's mouth when we have looked for one of our three house.... E V E R. we have, however, never been detered by wall or trim colour. or by the prospect of taking something down. removing. i would never look at him and ask non-nonchalantly to re-do our kitchen or our bath. never. but you would probably never ask your construction husband to create a custom video complete with video, photo's and music or design sounds for a video game that has been nominated for a BAFTA Award...you heard me!! did you know the BAFTA's had a video game category? so proud of him and his team!
anyways - my point is, we are even.

but look what we can do with poly fill, paint and a wrench!! i think it's pretty cool.
{disclaimer...i never saw this blog space as somewhere to show off our house - you will most likely never see a house tour section but proud moments in home remodel may pop up from time to time so the before pictures i took in the early stages - i have learned my lesson - were purely for our documentation and not really thought through for blog presentation so for the lack of before shots, i apologize.} 

{these are after ones.}

when we moved in, as you can {kind of} see,  the back wall was covered in mirrors. yuck!

one day one of them came loose and we took it off and this started a domino effect. take the mirrors down - so much glue! {the guy who used to live here LOVED attching things with glue!!} then fill the holes and ripped patches, sand and paint. we found this gorgeous paint...glidden's china rain. doesn't it go brilliantly with the dark wood cabinets? love it.

next was on to the ceiling and trim. white not tan. check.

then the light {top}. oh that light. it matches the old living room one and the entry way. they look crystal. they are plastic!! we had no idea for the longest time. yuck. i found this beauty {below} from restoration hardware and i am going to get two more - one for the main floor bath and one for the stairwell.

the best part of the room by far? the "nose". i don't know if you are like me {tony says NO ONE is like me in this..} but the nose is the first thing i see on a face. to me, it's the anchor. it adds the character to your face. defines you. if you get a nose job or break your nose your whole face changes. i am always checking them out. as i am with faucets. i feel they are the nose of the bathroom. the anchor of your space. they give it character. you could have a beautiful space but add an ugly faucet to the mix and you have just been down-graded. that's why this was so important to me....and that's how delta came to the rescue.

the victorian model in the stainless finish. love.

again. isn't she beautiful?

you know what else is awesome about this faucet? {other than how pretty it is and how EASY it was to install?} i can put a watering can underneath it perfectly. now i don't have to run downstairs or use the tub to fill my jug - lazy i know but hey, i'm trying to keep it real here!
also it shoots right down the drain - no more water back-up in the sink!!! hooray!!

i have this awesome faucet in the kitchen and love it {i have talked about it around these parts once or twice.} and when we decided to give our bathroom that little extra oomf without actual construction the choice was clear. DELTA.
the only thing that has me a little bummed about the space is that we can't change the faucet on the tub or the shower. but to re-iterate...i understand our limitations and i am okay with it.

we have also been switching out all the door knobs in the house! it's all starting to come together.....that perfect westcoast beachy feel in the quebec-almost-countryside. you can take the girl from the coast but you can't take the coast out of the girl.....

so there you have it. our mini bathroom makeover. a couple cans of paint, a new light and that amazing faucet transformed this room so much that i don't notice it contains the smallest shower ever.
don't notice one bit...except until i bang one of my elbows of course. 


love it.

on to the next!! {i think i just heard tony's shoulders sag and sigh!! ha!}

but i have to ask you one more time...isn't that faucet divine?!


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