catching up.

i was going through the blog here, looking at it in the way someone new here would look, and i noticed it been a while since we have had a bit of a chat.
it's time to do a little catching up.

do you feel like me in that you are burning the candle at both ends? i feel like that so much lately. maybe it's because i have a fire in me that i want to get so many things done in 2013 and i am finding that the days don't hold as many hours as i need and as well my schedule does not yield itself to my wants but whatever it is i feel like i am rushing. rushing through everything. even right now - i am rushing to get THIS done to tell you everything we have been up to so i can move on to the next task. to get the next thing done. I AM EXHAUSTED. i had a friend tell me last night that it's okay to let things go, to say "so what." man, i wish i could do that. i have worried about things for way too long to change my stripes now. i used to agonize over grocery bills at 24. that's me! i just have to learn to manage my time better. but somedays i wish i didn't. some days i just wished it was easy.

i read this article this morning and thought it to be hilarious...and completely true. i have on one or more occasion heard tony say to me that he would love to live in my blog. that it seems such a happy and shiny place. i see it as presenting our best foot forward. who doesn't want to be shiny and happy ALL THE TIME? my theory is is if we project that maybe it will come true....or maybe i am just delusional.....

i do in all this have one person to apologize to. last night, while talking to someone i consider a friend, i offhandedly commented that i really don't have any friends. i have friends but not that many friends. seriously. it's been a year since i have done something socially with a friend that doesn't involve kids. it's okay. i am okay with it. i am not asking for your sympathy vote on dancing with the stars or anything - just trying to keep it real. tony has some theory about this - the fact that i put tim bits on cake stands or something.... ;)
anyways i just want to apologize to her because - even though we have not done much socially - i do consider her a friend and i didn't want to give the wrong impression. there.

i just found out that my clever niece, who graduated high school last year and moved to the big city to become a choreographer, just launched her website! it's pretty cool. she's pretty cool. so exciting to hear of someone following their dreams and getting somewhere with it! she was recently featured in a dance showcase for choreographers and now has this going. good for you jamie!!!

i was going over my list for february and noticing all the holes in there. things i have set out to do this month but have yet to accomplish. goals set by no one but me - goals which i am choosing to ignore.....
want to know something funny? i have had "make living room curtains" on my list for seven months now - never finding the time to cut down my bolt to 4 panels etc. etc. - so this month i finally took it off the list to give it a rest and....I CUT MY FOUR PANELS AND ONE IS COMPLETED! {that's the fabric below which i purchased exactly a year ago!} geez...is that all i had to do?
the goals i have left are the simplest ones and because of that were put off. now the month is coming to an end and they are not done. boo. but i still do have four days......
some exciting news around here is that i have entered in to a small agreement with one of my favorite companies! their product is available in canada; it was for this reason i wanted to join up with them to bring it to you - nothing cool is ever available in canada! it always seems we have to pay ridiculous shipping costs - well not for this. but you have to wait, i'm going to announce it later this week....

also have you seen these videos by everyday food? they are brilliant! i made this one last night for dinner and it was rad. a definite must keep. i totally could have changed it and took credit but i did it as is so i am handing it off....just trying to keep it real here! i have decided to adopt one of my goals from last month {but paired down a little} and cook one new dinner a week.
after just saying that i am attempting this on thursday so i have just shot that out of the water......

today is wacky hair day at school. i am covered in gel, hairspray and spray glitter. you want to know something? i really didn't have to do anything to aydan's hair - it's the craziest when she wakes up that she would have fit right in...i did though cause that wasn't good enough for her - she wanted the transformation!

also the scale told me that i have put on ten pounds this week!! how is that even possible?
that does it - only oatmeal, apples and water for the rest of the week!!
okay, all caught up.
talk soon! {and i promise this time sooner rather than later!}


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