hanging prints in the dining room...finally!

so here we go..another post about the house. what was that i said the other day? that i won't really post about our house here? and now another so quick? i might have to eat my words!!! because i was going to tell you about our new and improved entrance way soon as well! ha! maybe it's the fact that we have been here almost three years and it's not where i want it to be? hmm...

okay so today i have a confession to make.
when it comes to hanging pictures {or anything!} on walls that we took a while to paint and look all crisp and clean, i am a bit of a nervous nelly!
i really take my time because i hate screwing up and seeing random nail holes which reveal my rush and tell my story of oops to others.
this is just how it is.

that's why it took over  year for me to hang anything in the dining room. {and for the record we still have nothing in the living room and my freshly painted tv room is still naked as i need time to lay out our photo's that were in there, pair them down, choose what's right and do it once.}

i decided last month though that enough was enough. we had to do it. it looks like an unpersonalized show home in here. just a little bare.
i got these amazing prints from eva juliet last year and have been mulling over and over what i was going to do in here. where i eventually hung them was not their originally thought out place when they arrived but one day i just decided that that was where they were going to go - it hit me like a thunderbolt. i also decided that enough procrastinating was done on the situation and that action was needed.

so i took action.

first though i had to "live" with it for a day. this way i would know if my decision was right and be happy with it from this day forward.{please do not judge me by my light fixture...it's coming down soon and another like the one in the living room is going up...it's just that whenever it seems like i have the money aside it's needed for somethings else more pressing! all in good time i guess!}

i cut out three pieces from the flyers {yes i could have used plain paper i realized afterwards but the flyers were at my finger tips.} that were the same size as my pictures and punched in a hole where the nail would go.

then i taped them up with painters tape, leveled them and spaced them accordingly. i think i changed the around three times that day.

after living with this for the day and liking the position i hammered in a nail through the flyer in the prepared hole, ripped them down and hung my prints.

for the first week i have to admit the space felt busy as it is a small nook - i am trying to define the space and since tony won't do some board and batten for me i am going another route - but now i love it and can't imagine the space without them!

i have also decided it's the tables fault why the space seems awkward and a round one would suit the space much better.


there you go - my simple diy!!

this place is really starting to come together and since we have decided that we are going to live here for at least another five years {excluding if there is a transfer} i really want to get it "done" this year so we can enjoy it! {in reality though...is it ever done?}

going to tackle the stairwell and tv room next week - wish me luck!!!

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