finding my balance.

i have come to a decision.
a big decision.
i have decide for the month of march to take a step back from this space.

i have been thinking long and hard about this and right now it's for the best.
believe it or not this actually does take up a lot of time.
time that, right now, i need to spend elsewhere.
i have so many projects that i am doing, that i want to do, that i HAVE TO COMPLETE and i am falling further and further behind.
i need to catch up.

i am not going to disappear completely.
i will pop up now and again in the same fashion as a photobomber.
you won't realize it but i will be there in the background - lurking.

i just need this month to get back in the swing of things, sew my ass off and find the balance between home, projects and blog.
i need to re-organize and prioritize.
i need to place my focus somewhere else right now.
i now you understand and i'll see you soon!



sheri said...

Great post Jen - I'm jealous. It's scarier than most people realize to just "walk away" - but it seems that everyone who does comes back better than before - keep us posted! xo

Jen said...

thanks sheri! i just need to disconnect and not obsess over this space for a bit!! ha! scary? yes. but then i'll be back with a vengeance! ;)