some pretty.

today i needed some pretty.
today is started snowing.

it's actually getting a little frustrating.
i am reading all these other peoples blogs and they are talking about gardening, sunshine, SPRING and we are still under snow and are expecting more to come.

so today in honour of saint patricks day {about the most i do other than participate in the parade this weekend with our little irish dancer} we made rainbow wind catchers.

if the sun and rainbows weren't going to be outside, i would bring them in.

instantly they have made me happy and the house cheery.
i have wanted to make these for so long and am happy i did.
i am in a creating arts and crafts mood and hope we can do a couple more things this weekend.

happy saint patricks day!!!


Lisa said...

Jen, what a great idea to add some color in such a fun way! We just had a bunch of snow on Monday (it seems like we're in a similar climate zone!), just a day after I thought spring was finally here. Now it's freezing 7 degrees, and like you I envy those who can go for spring walks and such :) Thank you again for your support for my new endeavors - it's so very much appreciated. xoxo

Jen said...

Thanks lisa! i was wanting to do them for a while so we went for it! but it seemed to have the reverse affect - we just had so much snow!!! yikes. i too envy those who can go on such walks...i am itching to get into the garden! thanks for the note, i have missed our talks.