perfecting the stay-cation.

most terrifying photo i have ever taken - so scared i was going to drop everything! but i love the shot!

he's 6 and he's 12!!

so we had spring break.
it was awesome.
we toyed around with the idea of taking off and lounging somewhere.
the plan last year was to take off for this week somewhere hot but between work commitments and lack of vacation $$ we decided to stay put.
then i took a look around and realized we didn't need to go anywhere.
we could have gone somewhere that offered outdoor pond skating or...just go into our own backyard and skate there! complete with fire pit and ice cold beer!
we also headed down to the frozen lake {river?} and went for a walk on it - people travel miles for this kind of adventure and we walked 5 blocks to get to it!!
we could have gone to one of the many ski resorts that are about a 3 hour drive away or....we could hit one of the 6 ski hills a 40 minute drive from our house - so we did that.
we could have done a road trip to toronto {burlington to be exact} to visit with friends or....have them come here! which they did!!
yes we could have gone to a hotel and lounged in the hot tub. we have one here so we checked that off the list. {it was also equipped with the possibility of doing a snow/ice run midway through!}

so there you have it - the perfect stay-cation!


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