first official day of spring.

this is what we got.
unbelievable isn't it?
you would have no idea that *officially* it was the first day of spring.

i am so over this.

i want to dig in the dirt. plant seeds. rake. transform that last section of earth. review my efforts from last year. rip down the dead tree. get the cedar guys in here. string lights. refinish the patio table. create the fire pit base. enjoy the fresh air.

there are so many things i want to do.......outside!

for now we are waiting for ALL of this to melt.
it's still hanging around like a nasty cough.

today was -6 and has slowly clawed it's way up to -1.
it's not fair.......
{yes, i am going to my room to pout. or eat cake - i haven't decided.}

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