first day of school this year.

this year friday was the first day of school. {strange i know - had something to do with needing a certain number of days of school or some business.}

this year we are embarking on a new year with a grade one-er and a grade three-er. go eagles go!

this year is going to be the first year of a real hard-nosed mama and papa when it comes to homework and learning french. no if, and's or but's!

this year, for coop, is his first year at his OWN desk and to take care of his OWN things.

this year started with confidence. last year started with a little nervousness for one little boy and possibly some tears for one grown mama.

this year is going to be fun.

this year is going to be trying.

this year is going to be memorable.

this year, i was the one you could hear cheering as she exited the parking lot.
for reals.


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