summer bucket list.

like so many of you out there we tend to make a summer list. a wonderful shiny list of all the things we wish to accomplish this summer. i wish the list could be filled with things such as clean your rooms everyday, vacuum, wash windows, load dishwasher;

but alas this is not such a list.
this is supposed to be a fun list! remember those?

aydan and me sat down one day in late may at the ball field and thought up our summer to-do's. i tried to sneak one of the above mentioned items on the list but was quickly caught. i was told quite sternly that "this was not that kind of list, mom!" and had to take it at that.

as i was surfing the net - as one does in this day  and age - i came across some rather lovely lists. there was this one:
by the talented and crafty emily

and this:

found on pinterest.

and this one is pretty awesome:

from the incredibly talented megan duerksen

these people obviously have nothing to do with their time. these people are miraculous. they have no worries in the world and everything they touch turns to gold.
{i hate these people......}

with these images i my mind i was determined that ours was going to look as good. we are creative people, no? we could totally pull this off.

this was ours:

sad, i know. the original scrap paper. the original list from that night at baseball simply taped up in the glasses cupboard. no markers. no poster board. no hoopla or fanfare.

there was a plan to do all that....we were just too busy crossing things off the list!

{when making the list we knew we were going on vacation so we added a few things specific to that time as well.}

here's our list!

1) swimming

2) go to the zoo
3) go to the aquarium

4) spend the day at the beach

5) go to vancouver

6) go to kelowna

7) make our own popsicles
8) bike riding

9) carnival
10) waterslides

11) go to the movies
12) tye-dye t-shirts
13) do nothing

14) go to the states to go shopping
15) 5k run
16) Granville Island waterpark

17) firepit

18) La Ronde
19) Bio-dome
20) Mont Tremblant
21) Ottawa
22) Antiquiing
23) Paint a canvas
24) redo basement
25) hang pictures
26) blow bubbles

27) Port Elgin
28) fix up the backyard

as you can see it was an ambitious list. some things we did. some we didn't. most of the things we didn't do actually were not summer specific, putting them on the list was just a little push to get them done so......maybe we should turn this into a "do before next summer" bucket list and knock the rest off.

sounds like a plan.


i also wanted to share this picture with y'all...we are all friends here right? we got rid of our old area rug...look how much better this room looks now! beautiful!
{the dog crate is also gone...}

see ya later alligators!!

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